Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on WordPress Development

1. How much will you charge as per my requirements for WordPress Website?

  • The cost of the project completely clings to your requirements. The best way to get the best deal for your project is to make a list of your requirements before starting any project
  • At ColorWhistle, our pricing is based on the requirements and complexity of the project. We offer a variety of packages and custom quotes depending on the project’s demand

2. What is your level of experience in WordPress development?

Experience is more important than any other aspect. You need to decide the experience level you need based on your project’s requirements and budget. ColorWhistle has been providing custom WordPress website development services for over 12+ years

3. May I know the estimated time for my WordPress website development?

  • A proper website development using the WordPress content management system typically takes 4-5 weeks from start to finish. It may vary depending on the complexity of the work involved 
  • Make sure to ask for an estimate or convey a deadline

4. Can you explain your project management workflow and who will be my (POC) point of contact?

  • We use project management software to keep track of the workflow for website development. Our team is familiar with project management tools like Asana, Trello, Workzone, ProofHub, and Microsoft teams
  • For each project, we will designate a point of contact based on the requirements and required skills of the project

5. What other services do you provide?

At ColorWhistle, we offer the below services

  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industry Tech Solutions

Go through our service page and blog room to know more about our services.

6. Can I see your portfolio and reference?

Sure, you can take a look at our portfolio to know about our coding style, level of expertise, and quality of work

7. What is your engagement model?

Web Development Digital agency Services Pricing Models  - ColorWhistle

Our engagement model involves offering a wide range of options to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. We can work on a project basis, fixed cost model, hourly-based model, or on a time and materials basis. We tailor our approach to fit the specific project and ensure a successful outcome. Take a look at our brief engagement model blog post to get a clear understanding

8. Do I get complete ownership of my website?

  • Yes, based on our contract, you will be the owner of the website and its contents after it goes live
  • We provide you with ownership of the website, the logo, and all the file formats you require after the last payment is made. We also provide an easy-to-follow visual style guide for your website

9. What is your design process or SOP?

The design process or SOP for developing a WordPress website can involve several steps. At ColorWhistle, we first,

  • Brainstorming about the goals and requirements of the project
  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Design the user experience and interface
  • Develop and test the website
Our Team Workflow Process  - ColorWhistle

Each of these steps is important in ensuring that the final website or app is of high quality and meets your needs and expectations.

10. Can you ensure 100% performance?

  • We can ensure 100% performance of your WordPress website through regular maintenance, updates, testing, and quality assurance measures and implementing performance optimization techniques such as caching and optimizing images and code
  • We also have a team of experienced WordPress developers and experts who can survey and troubleshoot any issues to ensure smooth and consistent performance

11. Can I convert my WordPress site into a WooCommerce site or add more functionalities/features to it in the future?

  • Yes, you can convert your WordPress site into a WooCommerce site or add more functionalities/features
  • We have a team of experts who can help you with the conversion and customization process to ensure that your site meets your specific needs and requirements. Let us know your demands; we will be happy to assist you

12. Do you also offer domain and web hosting services?

Of course, we ensure to configure the most suitable domain name and hosting provider that suit your business.

13. Do you have expertise in WordPress plugin customization? Can you develop or incorporate custom WordPress plugins to my WordPress site?

  • Yes, we have expertise in WordPress plugin customization. Our team has vast experience working with WordPress plugins and has successfully customized several unique plugins to meet the specific needs of our clients
  • We can develop or add custom plugins to your WordPress site based on your requirements

14. Will my WordPress site be designed with SEO and conversion rate optimization in mind?

  • Yes, your WordPress site will be designed and implemented with SEO and conversion rate optimization in mind. We constantly read up on and test out the best and latest SEO strategies on your site
  • This includes on-page optimization, keyword research, and implementing conversion-focused design elements. We will also monitor and track your site for the expected results

15. Will you integrate my marketing strategy?

Yes, we will integrate your site with a marketing strategy.

  • First, we will review your marketing strategies and identify areas that can be improved or optimized
  • We will also identify the gaps in your current marketing efforts and develop a plan to seal those gaps
  • Next, we will integrate your marketing strategy with other areas of your business to ensure that all areas are working together to achieve your desired results.

16. How much of my involvement is necessary throughout the development?

  • Being a business owner, the level of involvement required from you during the project can vary depending on the goals, requirements, and expertise in web development to ensure that the project goes smoothly
  • However, you need to give us sufficient data like images, content, a logo (if already designed), a username, domain and hosting details, terms, and conditions, etc

17. Is WordPress the right choice for my business? Is it safe and secure?

  • In general, WordPress can be a good choice for businesses of all sizes and industries, as it is a safe and secure platform and a user-friendly content management system that offers a wide range of features
  •  It is regularly updated to address security vulnerabilities. And it also provides tools and features to help protect your website from threats
  • WordPress will be the right choice if your business is related to marketing or if it requires multiple teammates to work on the backend at a time

18. How will you build my site? Altering an existing design? Building a custom design from scratch?

  • We do both, but we prefer to build a custom design from scratch for your site because it allows us to create a unique and customized design that perfectly aligns with your brand and vision
  • By initiating from scratch, we can  eliminate any limitations or constraints that come with modifying an existing design

19. Will you build my WordPress site with responsive features? Will it load fast?

  • Yes, we will build your WordPress site with responsive features. We will ensure a fast loading time by optimizing images and utilizing caching plugins
  • Also, your WordPress site will be both mobile and desktop friendly to reach a wide range of people

20. What kind of security will my WordPress website have?

We never compromise on the site’s safety and security. Nevertheless, WordPress has its security mechanism that will empower security for your site. We will also take several security measures that can be taken to further secure your WordPress website

21. Is there a backup and restore feature for my WordPress site?

Yes, we will make sure to have a backup version that helps you protect your site against any unexpected event

22. Do you follow WordPress coding standards?

  • Yes, the proactive, dedicated developers on our team at ColorWhistle are following a set of the highest WordPress coding standards to ensure that the website is well-structured, efficient, and maintainable
  • We also regularly review and update the code to ensure it stays up-to-date with the latest WordPress standards
WordPress Coding Standards - ColorWhistle

23. Can you provide details on the number of revisions included in your quote and how you handle potential scope creep?

  • Unlimited revisions are included in our quote and we manage scope creep by regularly reviewing and documenting the project scope and keeping clear communication with the client about any changes or additions to the scope 
  • We also establish strict project management processes, including setting clear project goals and deadlines, to keep the project on track and avoid scope creep. Additionally, we work closely with the client to prioritize and handle any potential scope changes to ensure they align with the project plans and budget

24. Will my website be designed from scratch or will you use pre-existing templates?

  • It’s completely based on the requirements of your website. If you choose a unique and custom-designed website, we can build it from scratch using custom coding and design elements. If you prefer a cost-efficient option, we can use pre-made templates and customize them to fit your branding and functional needs
  • We can also provide you with a selection of high-quality templates that can be easily customized to fit your brand and needs. Ultimately, the decision is yours and we will work with you to determine the best approach for your project

25. Is your company an active player in PSD to WordPress conversion?

  • Yes, our company is an active player in PSD to WordPress conversion
  • We have a team of well-versed developers who specialize in this field and have completed multiple projects in this area

26. Will I be able to manage the website’s backend?

Yes, you can handle your WordPress site’s backend. At ColorWhistle, We have a practice of offering our clients content modification documentation to change their site’s content in the future using the backend

27. Can you build a WooCommerce site?

Yes, We can build a WooCommerce site for you. We have experience working with 50+ WooCommerce store development projects and can create a user-friendly e-commerce site for your business

28. Is my WordPress website ADA (Americans with disabilities act) accessible?

Again, this also totally depends on your preference and the requirements of the project. If you want to build your site according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), we can design and implement your WordPress site according to the guidelines set forth by the ADA to ensure that users with disabilities can easily access and navigate your website

29. Will the website undergo testing before going live?

Yes, your WordPress site will be completely tested before it goes live to ensure it performs properly

30. Ways to reach us

  • Call – +1 (919) 234-5140  (OR) +91 (944).278.9110
  • Message

Check out our FAQ post to know more about our website development and web design-related queries.

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