Flutter Development Case Studies for Reference

Flutter is an open-source, mobile application development framework. With Flutter, developers can build high-quality, cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase.

Potential benefits of using Flutter are,

  • The hot reload feature allows developers to see the changes made in the code in real-time
  • Usage of DART programming language produces excellent performance
  • Comes with a rich set of customizable widgets to create intuitive user interfaces
  • Easy to learn

In this article, ColorWhistle has curated a few case studies on development using Flutter for reference. Though Flutter is a newbie, we believe it will take a good market share in the future.

Flutter Development Case Studies For Reference

Below are the case studies of popular organizations who have enhanced their business effectively using Flutter development,

ERP System for KFC

Flutter Development Case Studies for Reference 1

KFC with over 21,000 restaurants around the world had been maintaining their records as a hard copy. The project idea was to build an ERP system where all the data gets consolidated, and centralized statistics are also available. This would enable the management to analyze the metrics under a single roof. The case study is all about developing an ERP system to digitize business processes and integrate them into a single system.

KFC’s Digital Successful Routine has been created to enhance the business processes by,

  • Automating both financial analytics and business process management
  • Creating mobile applications for tracking the metrics and making adjustments in the restaurant activities
  • Generating optimal schedule automatically
  • Implementing an automated time clock system
  • Creating a dashboard for tracking the performance metrics of the restaurant

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Banking App for Leading European Finance Group

Flutter Development Case Studies for Reference 2

The bank that was a part of the international finance group had nearly 5 million private clients, 7350 corporate clients, and 78000 business clients. The bank wanted to create a new banking application that serves as an all-in-one hub for solving bank-related problems. The project idea was to create a cross-platform application version as the client refused native app development. As the framework of the project was to build the application with an intelligent banking concept, the project included analysts, designers, and QA along with Flutter and FinTech app developers.

The case study is all about,

  • Creating a banking application with cross-platform technology and excellent UI
  • Integrating the application with legacy backend services
  • Migrating users to the new application without the need for registration (again)
  • Helping the bank to transfer the project for further in-house development and support

Flutter helped in developing a banking application that can manage finances of other companies, simultaneous access to the legal entities for business owners/accountants. Hence, it turned out to be the apt solution for developing a smart banking application with less time for development at an affordable cost.

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Mobile Application for a Chiropractic Wellness Center

Mobile Application for a Chiropractic Wellness Center

The client runs a chiropractic wellness center that is owned and operated by local chiropractors. The client wanted to revamp their existing mobile application by adding new features to it. The existing application was based on React Native and for the revamp, the framework was moved to Flutter. With Flutter a mobile application was built using which their customers get connected to the local chiropractor.

The project goal was all about,

  • Developing an intuitive mobile application for customers in Texas
  • Creating a user-friendly application and keeping the content in a more accessible way for its customers
  • Developing the application with simple functionalities was the major lookout
  • Implementing push notifications, updating the clinic timings were the features planned to develop along with appealing UI and UX to the customers

After working on various options of design concept and leveraging the best technology, a new version of the application was developed with excellent user experience for its experience.

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Customized Video Streaming Platform

Flutter Development Case Studies for Reference 3

The client was a successful online content creator with over 20 million viewers on YouTube. The client wanted to create a streaming app that is beyond the format on YouTube. 

The project idea was all about,

  • Creating a video streaming platform competing with YouTube
  • Attracting more YouTube audience and gaining new subscribers
  • Consolidating all their scattered videos on YouTube in a single server
  • Tracking accurate statistics on each project

Building the video streaming app using Flutter was a success. It supports dynamic resolution change based on the connection quality, streaming to TV, and other features through a user-friendly interface.

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Mobile Application for Meal Kit Delivery Services

Mobile Application for Meal Kit Delivery Services

The client already had a website and a mobile version using which customers can order their weekly meal kit. After collecting regular feedback from their customers, the results revealed that their customers prefer making orders through mobile. Hence, came up with the conclusion to build a mobile application as the majority of the customers were specific about it. 

The project goal was,

  • Creating a user-friendly and minimalistic mobile application
  • Adding a recipe section and making it accessible to the customers
  • Implementing the application on a tight schedule and budget

A functional and simple mobile application was developed with a satisfactory design and home screen. The application attracted many mobile users but also brought in new customers. The workflow of the mobile application was appealing to its customers. As the application was built using Flutter cross-platform technology, it has reduced almost 30% of the cost of native app development.

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Developing Music Streaming Platform

Developing Music Streaming Platform

The client is a music streaming service provider with a large collection of Ghanaian music. It also allows users to upload and share their own music with everyone. The application was built from scratch using Flutter.

The project goal was all about,

  • Creating a mobile application with Flutter cross-platform technology
  • Implementing the feature to download music for offline listening
  • Storing tracks in encrypted form by using encryption techniques of iOS and Android files
  • Achieving scalability with distributed architecture
  • Enhancing user experience with personalized recommendations

After the development of the mobile application, it remained consistent across platforms and has also received excellent responses from the target audience.

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Developing Marketplace for Car Service 

The client is a tire and car service provider with over 10,000 customers and 300 corporate clients. The company already has a mobile application for tire service and now wants to introduce tire service centers to its customers. It also requires a mobile application for automobilists. 

The project was all about,

  • Developing a B2C mobile application for customers to book their appointments for tire and car wash services
  • Developing a B2B solution for both B2C and B2B clients
  • Creating a backend propelling both mobile application and B2B solution which is further integrated to the framework of the existing application

As a result, a web-based B2B solution for business partners and mobile applications for both iOS and Android has been developed. The B2B solution allows the Administrator to activate, deactivate and add service centers and even book appointments for clients. With B2C mobile applications, customers can look for suitable service centers by filtering with specific parameters. 

To have detailed information about the case study click here.

Build Your Web Application With Flutter

These case studies would have been an inspiration for you to develop your web application using Flutter. Flutter is a great technology for developing web applications as it provides a fast development process, excellent performance, and scalable options.

If you are trying to establish your web application through Flutter, we have a well-experienced team of Flutter developers who can meet your business needs with customized solutions. You can contact ColorWhistle by sending us a message or call us at +1 (919) 234-5140, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We provide services tailored to your requirements that suit your business.


The case studies that we have curated in this article would help in understanding the benefits of using Flutter while developing a web app for your business and we, ColorWhistle also believe that Flutter will be the future.

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